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Car rent with driver Terms, rules, requirements:

Car rent with driver
Terms, rules, requirements:

It is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke in the car without the consent of the driver – this can lead to damage to your clothes and the car’s interior
For things left in the car, RentAvto is not responsible. Discovered forgotten things are transferred to the dispatcher
Providing services “Rent a car with a driver” and “Transfer”, with non-cash payment, is carried out after 100% prepayment of the proposed order.
Rounding-off time is 0.5 hours (when working at the wedding – 1 hour)
The possibility of extending the time of ordering a car is determined by the dispatcher based on the availability of the next order
If you refuse to pay for the prolonged time of the order – the service of the Lessee is terminated
If the conditions of the order are changed, the Lessee is obliged to inform the dispatcher about it no later than 2 hours before the start of the order
In the case of cancellation of the order in less than 2 hours, the Lessee pays a penalty at the rate of the cost of the minimum order of the selected car
If the order is canceled for 2 hours or more, or the day and time of the order are transferred, the penalty will not be charged, but at the same time or on another day or time does not guarantee the availability of the car you have previously chosen
In case of complete failure to fulfill the order due to the fault of the Lessor, the Tenant shall receive compensation in the amount of two hours’
In the event of a malfunction of the ordered car, the Lessor reserves the right to replace it with a car equivalent in price or class
In the event of a breakdown of the Lessor’s car upon completion of the order and the impossibility of repairing the malfunction within 30 minutes, the Lessee may be provided with another vehicle of a similar class or higher, or the Lessee has the right to refuse further service, in which case the Lessee will be refunded the cost of the unfinished time to the end according to the tariff . If the driver fixes the problem himself for 30 minutes or if the faulty car is replaced during the order, the order time is not extended for the time of repair or replacement of the defective vehicle
The tenant has no right to demand an excess of the established speed and violation of the rules of the road
All paid parking lots, parking lots and thoroughfares are paid by the Tenant
Car decoration for the wedding ceremony is provided by the Tenant, but is made by the driver. It is forbidden to use balloons as decorations, fix decorations on antennas, and other places that impair the view of the driver
It is forbidden to use as a fastening of ornaments a wire, fishing line, scotch tape or other objects that can damage the surface of the car. All disputable issues are resolved with the driver when installing ornaments
 The tenant bears material responsibility for the broken, cut, stained objects of the cabin. In this case, the Tenant pays monetary compensation to the driver.
When using the car more than 4 hours before or after the trip to the airport, the transfer is calculated as +1 hour to the actual time of use of the car. Meeting or seeing off at the railway station is not a transfer, charged as a car rental (hourly)
The cost of the transfer (meeting) is included: waiting at the airport for one hour from the time the car is ordered; delivery to the first address in Moscow. In case of waiting more than one hour in addition to the transfer, the waiting time is paid according to the chosen class of the car. The cost of the transfer (seeing off) is included: delivery from anywhere in Moscow to any airport, regardless of the length of the trip. If the Tenant is waiting for more than 10 minutes. paid waiting time according to the selected class of the car. When ordering a transfer from the Moscow region, extra mileage is paid according to the chosen class of the car
It is forbidden to transport large animals, as well as other animals without special bags-carriages (containers)
It is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke in the car
It is forbidden to carry large objects in the passenger compartment that can disrupt the driver’s view (large suitcases, pictures, boxes, etc.)

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