Rent Mercedes S450 W221 white (restyling) with driver for the wedding

Аренда авто на свадьбу
Мерседес белый, арендовать с водителем

The cost of renting a Mercedes S450 W221 for a wedding:
from 1800 RUB / HOUR

The cost of renting a Mercedes E 250 W212 for a wedding:
from 1400 rub / hour

Rental price: April – October

Friday – 2000 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
Saturday – 2200 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
the remaining days are 1800 rubles (minimum order is 5 + 1)
Rental price: November – March

all days – 1800 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)


!! The mileage outside the MKAD is paid additionally, from the calculation every 30 km. plus 1 hour to the total time.

Automatic gearbox, driver airbag, side airbags, passenger airbag, power windows, leather interior, ventilation and heated seats, alloy wheels, stereo, CD, DVD player, separate climate control, toning, navigation equipment, xenon, number of seats – 3! For cooling drinks, a refrigerator is installed in the car! Renting a Mercedes E class for a wedding will be a wonderful addition to your event.

The order of a white Mercedes for the wedding can be supplemented with a set of jewelry, the cost of this service is 1500 rubles.

Mercedes silver is designed for lovers of classics and style. Compact and convenient car. Equipped with everything necessary for movement around the city. One of the main advantages is the leather interior, which will help to appreciate all its luxury.

Available to order for your wedding. The luxury of the interior inside and the presentable appearance from the outside will make your trip comfortable and unforgettable for the newlyweds. We trust the management of the car exclusively for professionals.

The car can be decorated if desired, while stipulating an additional service with the manager in advance and paying a fee of 1500 rubles for it. The cost of rent can be calculated when placing an order, which is made by phone or through a special form on the site. The car will wait at your house just in time.