Rent a Mercedes Vito with a driver in Moscow

Аренда мерседеса Вито в Москве с Водителем

The cost of renting a minivan
Mercedes Vito 1000 rubles / hour

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    ORDER Mercedes Vito

    Трансфер в аэропорт  Transfer Airport – Moscow (meeting): 5000 rub. + airport parking
    Трансфер в аэропорт Transfer Moscow – Airport (send-off): 5000 rub.

    The car was released in 2019 and deserves attention as one of the most comfortable vehicles for movement during a festive celebration or a business meeting. One of the advantages is a modern security system, which includes a driver’s airbag, a passenger’s airbag. The seats are large and comfortable.

    The car has power windows and dimming. Stereo radio allows you to constantly listen to your favorite hits. There is an air conditioner for maximum comfort.

    Minimum order 3 + 1, trips outside the Moscow Ring Road – 30 rubles / km additionally.


    Seats: 6 passengers

    БагажLuggage: 4 large suitcases

    Окрас машины Black color

    Климат контроль Climate control

    Салон автомобиля иконки Salon: Leather

    Трансфер в аэропорт

    Mercedes minivan Vito airport transfer

    If you want to safely get to or from the airport in a comfortable minivan, this model is especially for you and your small team, or perhaps the whole family.

    For what purposes you can order a transfer:

    • corporate meeting
    • meeting of the delegation
    • for corporate purposes
    • meeting close relatives
    • meeting for a city tour

    To order a transfer, simply fill out the form marked “transfer” above or order by the phone number indicated at the top of the page, professional dispatchers will advise and set the time and date of the minivan.

    Аренда авто на свадьбу

    Rent a Mercedes VITO for a wedding

    Luxury Mercedes VITO can be ordered for your holiday or other event. The luxury of the interior on the inside and the presentable appearance on the outside will make your trip comfortable and unforgettable for the newlyweds. We trust only professionals to drive. If you wish, you can arrange a car, having previously discussed an additional service with the manager and paid for it.

    The rental price can be calculated when placing an order, which is made out by phone or through a special form on the website. The minivan will be waiting at your house just in time.

    When ordering a Mercedes Vito for a wedding, check the rental price with the dispatcher.