Rent Hyundai Stareks (H-1) minivan with a driver in Moscow

Аренда Хёндай Старекс (H-1) минивэн с водителем в Москве

Cost of renting Hyundai Stareks 1000 rubles per hour

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    Трансфер в аэропорт Transfer Airport – Moscow (meeting): 5000 rub. + parking at the airport
    Трансфер в аэропорт Transfer Moscow – Airport (send-off): 5000 rub.

    The car was released in 2016. Driver airbag, passenger airbag, side and window airbags, traction control, four-wheel drive, climate control, seat heating, fog lights, rear seat backrest, passenger’s seat height adjustment. Salon of high quality leather, made in classic black. Tinting the windows will allow you to feel comfort regardless of location. The location of the speakers will allow you to get the most out of listening to music. Designed for 7 seats.

    More information LEASE Henday Stareks:
    The minimum order is 3 + 1, trips for the Moscow Ring Road – 30 rubles / km extra.

     7 passengers

    Багаж 6 large suitcases

    Окрас машины Color:  Black 

    Климат контроль Climate control

    Салон автомобиля иконки Salon: Salon combined leather


    Car rental is a qualitative mode of transportation, providing the possibility of carrying out all planned and business trips, but also an opportunity to show your high status.

    Here you can book a car by selecting it in a huge fleet from our catalog online, according to your preferences, needs and financial capabilities.

    The cost of renting a car is influenced by its class and the rental period. When renting a car for one or several days you will be able to assess the quality of the services we provide, as we treat with attention to each customer.

    When ordering Henday Stareks for the wedding, please specify the cost of the rent from the dispatcher.