Rent a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with a driver for a wedding

Аренда авто на свадьбу
Аренда Тойота Ленд Крузер 200 с водителем в Москве

The cost of renting Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for a wedding
from 2000 rubles per hour

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    Rental price: April – October

    Friday – 2100 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
    Saturday – 2300 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
    the remaining days of 2000 rubles (minimum order 5 + 1)
    Rental price: November – March

    all days – 2000 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)


    !! The mileage outside the MKAD is paid additionally, from the calculation every 30 km. plus 1 hour to the total time.

    A brand-new and clean car with everything you need for a comfortable ride. The complete safety system includes: a driver’s airbag, as well as a passenger, side and window airbags.

    The equipment of this car: anti-slip system, on-board computer, separate climate control, alloy wheels, radio cassette recorder (along with CD, MP3), seat heating, fog lamps, split rear seat backrest, passenger seat height adjustment, leather interior, electro glasses, navigation equipment.


    Order a wedding car and calculate the cost of rent right now, by consulting with our specialist by phone or by filling out the feedback form on the site. The set of jewelry is ordered separately and its cost is 1500 rubles.