Rent a car with a driver for a day.

Contrary to popular belief, the service of renting a car with a driver for a day is much cheaper than a similar trip by taxi. On the other hand, a trip on a good car will be much more comfortable than traveling even on your own transport. After all, such a car will be filed where required, just in time, and behind the wheel will be a professional driver who not only knows the city like his five fingers, but is also ready to deliver the passenger anywhere, at any time of the day or night. Renting a car with a driver in Moscow for a long time at once solves many questions: how to get to the desired point of the city, how to make a favorable impression and how to be on holiday if you want to relax together with other guests. That’s only to negotiate the services of hire better in advance – at least a few days.

What cars are available in our fleet.

Cars of cars. The choice of cars that can be rented is very diverse. These are cars of different manufacturers and year of release, including auto business class and SUVs. Suitable for business trips around Moscow, trips outside the city, wedding celebrations. Payment can be made based on hourly or daily costs, both online on the site and directly through the terminal at the driver’s.
Minibuses with driver. In order to travel around the city, as well as outside the group of five people, it is much more convenient to take a minibus. Especially when there are also hand luggage, bags and suitcases that take up a lot of space. It will be especially convenient to take such a car on a tour of the city.


Taxis or car rental with driver?

Taxi and car rental with driver, the first vzgyad services are identical, but in practice this is not so, and the use of a traditional taxi does not always leave a pleasant impression. And what if you need a car to transport wedding guests? The taxi service will gladly give you any model from its fleet of vehicles, but hardly you want to drive your guests to a dirty, unpresentable car. And if you are the organizer of the arrival in Moscow of a large delegation or a major event? It simply requires an impeccable level of transport services.

Owners of taxis see these machines

As you know, most taxi companies now use private cars. Owners of taxi depots see these cars, no more than once, when they conclude a contract with the driver. In the rest, the owners of cars have complete freedom, and to control the quality of work and the condition of the car becomes quite difficult. Another reason for refusing a taxi can be the case if you simply can not tolerate smoky lounges and are used to driving in a comfortable clean car.

In the company Rentavto only professional drivers of high class work. The cost of this service is naturally slightly higher than rental without a driver, but most often it is used by business people. You can explore our car park to make a choice. In the card of cars you can study the complete set in detail, and leave a request. After our managers have processed the application, we can deliver the car to any place convenient for you.

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