Rent a car in RentAuto, order cars in the Company

The company RentAvto offers to rent any cars: economy and business class, luxury representative cars, SUVs, minivans and minibuses. In our park the best samples of the world car industry are collected – Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan.

Our advantages

Rent in RentAvto has many differences from the call of the traditional taxi:

• Variety of cars, the ability to choose the right one for every occasion.

• Excellent technical condition of the machines and attractive appearance.

• Experienced, courteous drivers.

• Security.

• Reasonable prices. The customer has the right to choose the coloring of the car. We will have roomy white models for the wedding and strict black for business meetings. Reliable cars pass the technical inspections in time and will not let you down at the crucial moment. We prefer to buy equipment only from manufacturers with a good reputation.

Convenience of the customer – first of all. We will submit a car to any area of ​​Moscow or arrange a meeting at the airport. Foreigners and arrivals from the Russian regions can be sure – from the first steps on the ground they will be provided with quality motor transport.

Rates RentAvto

The prices RentAvto pleasantly surprise people who are familiar with the car rental market. Rental models of economy class costs only 600 rubles daily, while in other companies usually not less than a thousand. The chic Mercedes will cost 1000 rubles, and for 900 you can rent a roomy minivan for twenty passengers.

We organize special tours around the Golden Ring of Russia. On a trip with a driver-knowing driver, tourists do not have to independently look for sights. When renting a car for a long period, the customer can choose a personal driver, if already familiar with the employees of our company.

A car with a driver is a solution to many problems

Many tenants do not want or can not drive a car. At the wedding, the reason for this is unsuitable for driving mood and health, fears of breaking an expensive car. Before an important business meeting, it is better to focus on its nuances, rather than look at the road.

If there is no driver’s license, driving experience or age does not allow – you will also need a car with a driver. Our employees drive accurately and confidently, they choose the shortest route, taking into account traffic jams in the streets of Moscow, they know the city well. They will deliver the client to the right place in time and ensure the safety of the trip.

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