Rent a new Mercedes E200 W213 NEW with a driver for a wedding

Аренда авто на свадьбу
Аренда нового Мерседес E200 W213 NEW с водителем в Москве

The cost of renting a Mercedes E200 W213 for a wedding:
from 1400 rub / hour

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    Rental price: April – October

    Friday – 1500 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
    Saturday – 1600 rubles. per hour (minimum order 5 + 1)
    other days 1400 rubles (minimum order 4 + 1)
    Rental price: November – March

    all days – 1400 rubles. per hour (minimum order 4 + 1)

    !! The mileage outside the MKAD is paid additionally, from the calculation every 30 km. plus 1 hour to the total time.

    2017 г.в. automatic transmission, driver airbag, side air bags, passenger airbag, power windows, leather interior, ventilation and heated seats, alloy wheels, stereo, CD, split climate control, toning, navigation equipment, xenon!

    Rent a set of jewelry, the cost of 1500 rubles.

     4 passengers

    Багаж 3 large suitcases

    Окрас машины Color: black and white

    Климат контроль Separate climate control

    Салон автомобиля иконки Interior: dark leather

    Has all the necessary attributes of a car of a modern and successful person.

    This model is absolutely new, it was released in 2017. Equipped with a complete passenger and driver safety system, a beige leather interior, climate control and a host of other advantages. Combines power and style, compactness and comfort. The car has already fallen in love with many newlyweds.

    The cost of a set of jewelry is negotiated with the manager and will cost 1500 rubles. You can order a car by phone number listed on the website or by filling out a feedback form, after which our manager will contact you and discuss the details of the lease, and also help to calculate the cost. The car with the driver will wait at the appointed place and time. Affordable prices and comfort for every customer without exceptions.