Minivans for the wedding

The wedding is certainly the most important and, undoubtedly, an extremely responsible event in the life of absolutely any couple. Of course, it is very important what kind of dress on the bride and how much it costs, how “the suit” is sitting on the groom, where the celebration will take place, what snack and cake will be, in the end, what budget is allocated for the wedding celebration, but any event is made by people who We are surrounded, who support us, and most importantly, how they will feel themselves on this day.

How many of them will be on this day? 20, 50 or maybe 100? The important thing is that at any given time they are exactly where it is planned that everything should be as planned, and, of course, that everyone should feel as comfortable as possible.

That is why when organizing a wedding, one of the most important moments is the transportation of the invited guests, and accordingly the order of the car for the wedding. It’s clear that the bride and groom must go to the best of cars, it will be the BMW of the latest model or a long limousine, let them decide, but apart from the perpetrators of the celebration,

there are a lot of other people who want to have time everywhere, who want to ride in comfort, and not drag in a broken car stuffed like sprat in a bank. There is a question, what car to choose for long-awaited and dear guests?


For these purposes, a minivan is suitable.


For these purposes, a minivan is suitable. Small comfortable cars, pretty quick on the road, all close relatives, friends or acquaintances can be seated by companies, than to immediately exclude questions of misunderstanding on the road, let them better get acquainted at the table.

To order a minivan for a wedding is an excellent solution if the number of guests is not counted in hundreds. Usually, one car of this type has 7 passenger seats, one to the right of the driver and 6 behind it, which means that for a wedding, which will have 20 people, it will take only 3 cars. Accordingly, for the wedding suite consisting of 50 guests will require 7 cars.

If the number of guests equal to 100 or more is declared for the wedding. Then we need a cortege of minivans, simple calculations say that 14-15 cars should suffice, but in the case of a large number of guests, it’s worth paying attention to cars with a larger class, for minibuses.

Of course, do not forget that cars come from different price categories and with different “stuffing”, but if you still want a minivan for a wedding, take care of it in advance, and we will help with the best offer.

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