арендовать машину для фотосессии

Surely, you at least once thought about bright photos in your portfolio? How about a photo with a luxury car in the city or outside? Surely not everyone can boast of beautiful photographs from a car?

Why not combine business with pleasure? To rent a car for a walk around Moscow – to see the city, and also to make beautiful shots. We are glad to provide you with any of the cars offered on our website for rent.

Beautiful photographs can inspire people. Someone likes to take pictures, and someone is photographed. And you can find a lot of original ideas for photos, the main thing is desire – right? Unusual, beautiful pictures will also turn out if you take a photo session with a car. Believe it or not, an incredibly large scope for creativity opens up before you. A little bit of imagination and inspiration – and voila – you already have fashionable, very interesting photographs.

A photo session with a car can be carried out in a different composition: alone, with your loved one, with friends. These shooting will delight you not only with gorgeous photos, but will also help you to have an unforgettable time in a good company and a friendly atmosphere. A photo session with a car in Moscow is an opportunity to make your old dreams come true.

Which car to choose for a photo shoot?

A photo session with a car involves just a lot of interesting ideas. You can do a photo shoot in a classic style with a white or black Mercedes. In this case, you should think about the appropriate outfit. The image will help to complement the hairstyle and makeup. The luxury car will be the final stage and will add a special contrast to your pictures.

A lot of great pictures can also be taken with modern passenger cars. A light but refined dress for a girl, an elegant suit for a man – and you can feel like the heroes of a cool movie. Or the rich, famous movie actors who are in a rush to get to a trendy party. Or maybe for a prestigious award.

Another idea for a photo shoot with a car is a sports theme. Here you can choose any car, from a small passenger car to a cool SUV. The speed, risk, drive that are inherent in racing can be taken as the main topic of photography. Quite a bit of imagination, as well as suitable attributes, a properly selected image and a good car will help to take not only bright, but also very intriguing pictures. Photo sessions with a car are very popular among young people, especially users of various social networks. All friends and acquaintances will be able to appreciate the beautiful pictures, as well as your ingenuity.

арендовать машину для фотосессии

Rent a car for a wedding photo shoot

If you decide not to do a wedding, but still want beautiful photos, why not rent a car for your wedding trip? Moreover, we are ready to provide you with a lot of options for every taste. You can also choose the color scheme from classic white and black to a silver car. All cars are comfortable and have a beautiful, well-groomed appearance, both inside and outside.

Advantages of ordering a car for a photo session with us:

– we treat each of our clients with special attention, and an individual approach is always appreciated;

– there are only new cars in our fleet;

– timely submission at the designated place;

– low rental prices;

– always clean cars;

– polite and friendly staff.

Order a car for a photo session in Moscow

Before placing an order, we advise you to decide on the subject of the photo, and we will try to tell you which car will be the best option. The registration procedure will not take much time. Just call us or leave a request on the website.

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