Volkswagen Passat Rental with Driver in Moscow

Аренда Фольксваген Пассат с водителем в Москве

The cost of renting the Volkswagen Passat: 800 rubles per hour

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    Transfer Airport – Moscow (meeting): 3200 rub. + parking at the airport
    Transfer Moscow – Airport (send-off): 3200 rub.


    Car business class Volkswagen Passat in black. A stylish and elegant accessory for all occasions. There is everything you need to make it comfortable to move around the city and beyond. The car is released in 2015, as evidenced by its appearance and characteristics.

    Its package includes an automatic transmission, driver airbags, as well as side airbags, airbags for the passenger, power windows. On wheels, alloy wheels, seats are heated, and in the lounge you can listen to different hits through stereo. There is a CD player.


    More information FOR LEASE Volkswagen Trade wind:
    The minimum order is 3 + 1, trips for the Moscow Ring Road – 18 rubles / km extra.



    Volkswagen Passat is available to order for the best event in life – your wedding. The luxury of the interior inside and the presentable appearance from the outside will make your trip comfortable and unforgettable for the newlyweds.

    We trust the management of the car exclusively for professionals. The car can be decorated if desired, while reserving this service with the manager in advance and making an additional payment for it. The cost of rent can be calculated when placing an order, which is made by phone or through a special form on the site. The car will wait at your house at the appointed time.

    When ordering a Volkswagen for a wedding, please specify the rental price from the dispatcher.