Rent BMW 5 models

Аренда машины BMW 5 в москве с водителем

1200 RUB / HOUR

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    ORDER BMW 525

    Трансфер в аэропорт Transfer Airport – Moscow (meeting): 5000 rub. + parking at the airport

    Трансфер в аэропорт Transfer Moscow – Airport (farewell): 5000 rubles.

    Automatic transmission, driver airbag, side airbags, passenger airbag provide complete safety and comfort for passengers during the trip. Power windows, leather interior, heated seats, cast disks, stereo, CD, DVD-player, separate climate control, tinting, navigation equipment, xenon are the necessary attributes of a modern and successful person’s car. This car model The abundance of brand new, released in 2019. Combines power and style, compactness and comfort. Many tenants have already become fond of the car. Additional information FOR BMW RENT 5 models: Minimum order 3 + 1, trips beyond the Moscow Ring Road – 30 rubles / km extra.

    Seats: 4 passengers

    БагажLuggage: 3 large suitcases

    Окрас машиныBlack color

    Климат контроль Separate climate control

    Салон автомобиля иконкиSalon: Dark Leather


    You can reserve a BMW 5 model car by choosing it from a wide range of catalogs online, according to your preferences, needs and financial capabilities. The class and duration of the rental affect the cost of the rental. When renting a car for one day or several, you will be able to evaluate the quality of the services we provide, since we treat every client with attention. We are happy to assist you in organizing a business transfer 24 hours a day, organizing a wedding celebration, meeting guests at the station or at the airport, in the city or beyond. When ordering a BMW 5 model for a wedding, specify the rental price from the dispatcher.