Convenience of this type of service does not cause anyone doubts. At the right time in this place you will find a comfortable car with a driver ready to go anywhere in Moscow and the region.

RentAvto, offers you maximum freedom of movement, as well as absolute security.

The company “RentAvto” carries out both suburban and city trips on cars of business, economy and representation class.

Transport services:

– Business trips
– Car rent with driver
– Pick up and drop off at the airport
– Country trips
– VIP excursion
– Personal driver services
– Wedding services
– Meeting and seeing off children
– Taxi for VIP clients
– Fulfillment of personal orders of the client

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Modern man is always constantly in motion. Often, a lot of cases make you move quickly, you have to resort to the services of public transport, which unfortunately because of its congestion is not always able to cope with passenger traffic.

Today, business class taxis are very popular with customers. Gradually the use of VIP taxi becomes a sign of good taste and taste among business people of different cities. Why did this service become so popular? The fact that the use of VIP class taxi is very different from the usual taxi order. First of all, we are talking about a rather high level of customer service. At the same time, a unique combination of the work of highly professional specialists (drivers, dispatchers, managers) and the use of specially prepared cars of a representative class is of great importance.

The advantages of ordering a business class taxi are obvious. The use of such an auto is paid by the customer not by kilometer, but by time. Therefore, during the entire rental period, both the car and the chauffeur remain at the client’s disposal. And if for other taxi services a simple is unprofitable, then for business taxi companies it does not really matter. At the same time, the client can dispose of the car at his own discretion. This approach to business allows customers with maximum comfort and minimal financial costs to organize business trips, meetings, trips to the airport, excursions for guests and various solemn events.

This organization and non-standard approach to work significantly expands the list of areas where business class taxi services are applied. These are the advantages and make the representative taxi more popular than the usual services of cars on call.
And one more item that can not be ignored is the cost of this service. Often, using a business class taxi costs the customer much cheaper or even lower, although the comfort and level of service is much higher.

Standing a VIP class taxi is another topic for discussion. People who used to use the services of a regular taxi service, probably know about the technical and aesthetic condition of cars. Very often the trip turns into a real race for survival. Ordering a taxi business level, every customer can be sure that he will be served a neat, clean and serviceable car, which will not be a shame to appear at a business meeting, meet business partners or come to a solemn event. Since the main purpose of cars of this class is a business trip, you will hardly be able to see a car covered with advertising, dirty or dusty. At the same time, the soft, clean and comfortable interior of the car will give you unforgettable minutes of long trips.