10/19/2015 12:28 PM Paul

Ordered three cars to make a transfer for the city, one of them was a minivan. Everything was done perfectly, at the appointed time the cars were standing. Drivers are very nice, all savvy and competent.


04.04.2015 23:15 Sergei and Alena
Excellent company, chic cars, literate drivers !!!!! Ordered four cars nv wedding, one white and three black Mercedes, the white got with a panorama and white skin, everything was executed by aerobatics !!!

12/27/2009 06:33 Andrey
We with friends are fond of mountain skiing and often fly to resorts. With our inventory not every car you can fit in, addressed to different trucking companies, but the prices have simply amazed us. We applied to Rentavto, and they presented us a brand new minivan in which we, and all the equipment, fit. And most importantly, it is the price for the transfer, it is two times cheaper than in other agencies.
Well done! keep it up

12/22/2009 12:29 AM Prokofiev Valery Nikolayevich
The work of the team, which I head, is connected with servicing the branches of our company located both in Moscow and Moscow and in Yaroslavl. We are constantly facing the task of renting a car with a driver to ensure the smooth operation of the company. We applied to many transport companies until they chose RentAvto, RentAvto employees clearly and optimally calculated the budget for transport services from the point of view of our expenses, which other auto operators could not do, fixed cars and drivers for us. We hope for further successful cooperation!