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At the request of your guests we can offer any options for replacing car classes, for high-level official meetings we will offer luxury cars of the executive class, for everyday trips the car of economy class will be optimal, for business trips around the city we offer business class cars.

We remind you!

Our cars are not carriers of advertising labels, this is an important moment of the image of your guests!
When renting a car with a driver for more than 4 hours, the transfer fee will be calculated as an additional hour to the total rental time including the hour of submission.

We remind that the cost of our services indicated on the site includes also the payment for services: rent of the car you choose with the driver, including fuel costs.

Does not include: Payment for parking and other transport charges related to travel to your destination.

Our agency provides a full range of transport services, but we specialize in renting cars. The prices for our services are not the lowest in the Moscow region, but this is due to the fact that most of our fleet consists of the company’s cars, and we can offer the attracted transport to you on particularly favorable terms. We have partner relations with many trucking companies.

Option 1. If the rental time of the car exceeds 4 hours, the transfer cost is calculated as + 1 hour in addition to the total time of the order.
We receive (4 hours * actual time + 1 hour * transfer + 1 hour * car supply) / 6 hours.

Option 2. If the time of renting a car does not exceed 4 hours, the transfer fee will be calculated as the minimum transfer cost for the car class you selected + the actual time for the order.

We remind you that the time of using the car for the chosen “Transfer” service is 2 hours.

We are not a taxi service, we are not a taxi service. Orders are accepted around the clock, but not later than 2 hours before the time of car delivery. The services of our company are directed to consumers who are planning their trip, so it is necessary to book a car rental in advance.

Concluding the contract of “Corporate Transport Service” with RentAvto agency, you get the priority right of car rent, the system of corporate prices for services applies to you, etc.

We draw your attention to the fact that the contract only fixes the priority of the client, and does not bear any obligations for the client concerning the guaranteed volume of orders.

This excess of the specified time of renting a car with a driver does not entail an increase in the tariff, on the contrary, when renting a car more than ten hours a day, you can count on discounts!

When renting a car for a wedding ceremony, we have an extra charge in the amount of 30 to 100% to the total tariff for the chosen class of car and for one hour the minimum order increases.

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